UP0.9.x Development Releases


The 0.9.x series of development releases are designed to add new features and improve the structure of the code base. To this end, Cameron and I welcome any suggestions, code, and bug reports. Please be sure to quote the release of your server, and of the PSE if you are making a bug report.

Current Release

0.9.14 Bug fixes for timers, cloaking and warp speed calculations.

Previous Releases

0.9.13 Timers, turn-based support, energy allocation bug fix.
0.9.12 Internal cleanup. Better error messages. Synchronization spacecalls. More help.
0.9.11 Another sensor bugfix. Memory Handler Update. Flag fix.
0.9.10 Updated patches. Sensor bugfix. Gun arcs. Penn bugfixes. New spacecall.
0.9.9 Updated patchset. Sensor bugfix. Documentation update.
0.9.8 Many fixes. Non-instant speed changes. New documentation.
0.9.7 Changed sensor updates. Fixed SEGVs in 0.9.6. New TRACTORABLE flag.
0.9.6 New contact code. Event bug fixes. Torpedo fire table fix.
0.9.5 Improved flag handlers. Sensor and Tractor fixes. Build changes.
0.9.4 Penn bugfix. New emit calls. Contact event fixes.
0.9.3 Bugfix for building. Updated scan messages.
0.9.2 Reworked the MUD-PSE interface, multi-console improvements, spacecall corrections
0.9.1 PennMUSH support (alpha quality), cosmetic message fixes, changed roll factor behaviour.
0.9.0 Multi-console support, multiple shield configurations, ship roll, short contact lists.


This code is provided as a development release. Not all of the functionality noted in the documentation may be present, and correct operation of the included components is not guaranteed. Caveat Emptor.

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